Food education and sustainablity training

Recognising a gap in the current Australian school curriculum, OzHarvest has created a new education program- FEAST– to provide food education and sustainability training. Like any good FEAST, it’s designed to be fun, engaging and filled with good food!

Working together with teachers and school communities to create the foundations of FEAST, OzHarvest provides NESA (NSW Education Standards Authority) endorsed professional development training for staff to deliver the program effectively and achieve long term goals.

The program teaches kids about sustainability, food waste and nutrition using hands-on cooking and inquiry based learning. FEAST extends beyond the classroom, as students develop the skills to become change makers in the community and embodies OzHarvest’s vision to build a world with zero food waste, and free of hunger.

After a successful pilot, FEAST is being rolled out across NSW in 2019 and nationally in 2020.







primary schools
Student interaction is a great way to get results and FEAST is a great example of this.

John Galea

Belmore South Stage 3 Teacher


  • Belmore South Primary School
  • Beverley Hills North Primary School
  • Lakemba Primary School
  • Narwee Primary School

On World Environment Day in June, using the momentum from the independent documentary Food Fighter, which featured Ronni’s journey tackling food waste head-on, OzHarvest launched Australia’s first national food waste prevention program ‘Fight Food Waste’.

The new mantra ‘Look. Buy. Store. Cook’ has been developed to inspire behavioural change at home.

Watch the film clip below to see some clever computer imagery showing $20 billion worth of food dumped into Sydney Harbour, highlighting the scale of the problem.


people joined the movement

Now in its fourth year, Nourish has expanded to include workshops run by external companies on financial literacy, resume writing, job seeking and mindfulness.

Thanks to new work experience partners, Adelaide’s Tasting Australia food and drink festival and The Star in Sydney, students can now gain valuable industry insights. The students rise to the culinary challenges by supporting flagship OzHarvest events including the CEO CookOff in Sydney.

Nourish broke new ground as Gold Coast became the third location to run a full program.

The Social Return on Investment (SROI) of the Nourish Program is $4.44, through providing tertiary education to enhance the life skills of ‘at risk’ youth.

sroi: $4.44






returned to study
Nourish is like a sprinkling of gold dust… it changed my life! I would never have had the courage to apply for a job or get an apprenticeship without Nourish.

Beatrix Pile

Nourish Graduate Sydney


  • Bennelong Foundation
  • Career Employment Group
  • Chefworks Australia
  • Coca-Cola Australia Foundation
  • Commonwealth Bank Australia
  • Graf Family Foundation
  • Institute of Culinary Excellence
  • Matana Foundation
Nice Easy Simple Tips

Since 2012, NEST has delivered over 1,500 workshops positively impacting the lives of nearly 10,000 vulnerable Australians. In this time, the public health and nutrition industry has evolved significantly and as a result the program will be redeveloped for 2019.

A new NEST module has been introduced covering Type 2 Diabetes, which teaches participants to cook the right food to better manage their lifestyle.

Social Return on Investment (SROI) figures show NEST returns $9.73 back to society by improving cooking skills and healthy eating habits of vulnerable people.

sroi: $9.73


  • Adobe
  • CBA
  • SECO Sparkling
  • Melbourne Aurizon Community Grant
  • Stul Family Foundation
  • Greater Charitable Foundation
  • ACT Health






One participant asked which store we bought the pancake mix from and was amazed to learn we’d made them from scratch with only 3 ingredients!

Michelle Mogensen

OzHarvest Volunteer, Wallara NEST Workshop